Beacon Hotel, Sedgley

Even though I grew up not far from Sedgley and I’ve supped many a pint of Sarah Hughes, I’ve never actually been to the Beacon Hotel. After her theatre group introduced her, my Aunt decided I must visit this beautiful Victorian pub. I feel a little in love with the central bar with hatches leading to each room.

We claimed the snug for the afternoon.
I love the idea of being able to slam the hatch on annoying customers but maybe that’s just me.
You have to crouch slightly to order a beer.
The “Smoking Room” was packed over the lunchtime opening hours. The Regulars gave me an odd look when I took this. Oops.
I don’t think they were brewing today. At least I couldn’t smell if they were.
I wish more pubs I knew had this kind of bar.
Yes, that is indeed a touch screen till tucked inside a Victorian one.
The front door.

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