First Impressions: The Craft Rooms 

UPDATE: The Craft Rooms is no longer selling cask ale downstairs. 31.05.17

UPDATE 2: The Craft Rooms is scrapping keg and calling itself The Ale Rooms lol what 27.07.17

I have a handful of deciding factors for a good boozer.

  1. Comfy chairs
  2. Sour beer
  3. Thirds

Two out of three ain’t bad for a bar on its second day open and with a promise of thirds to come? I’m a happy camper.

The Craft Rooms is a TARDIS of a bar. You walk into a tiny little bottle neck of a room with a few old school pub tables and a bar with four cask ales. Upstairs you’re directed to a brave 28 taps with everything from Beavertown and Tiny Rebel to some delightfully obscure stuff including a fun (and purple!) one off from Hammerton. After you’ve boggled at the 28 taps snug together behind the bar you realise how big the upstairs is. Two rooms with big coffee tables and little – surprisingly comfy- cubes to sit on. I’m always here for big tables for nerding out over beer (and festivals and schrodingers cat- ah, pub talk) with the locals.

The Craft Rooms is fresh, eand the team are still shining and polishing the final bits and bobs but if the beer stays at the standard it is now? It may as well be a shed.

Get down Clasketgate and check it out.


One comment

  1. Hard to keep up. Before my last visit at Christmas I hadn’t even heard of Cardinal’s Hat or Strait & Narrow, and Lincoln beer scene felt quite traditional (which is fine). Be interested to see if the custom is there to support all this craft, particularly on cask.


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