Moist January

I’ve been pootling around The Shop today trying to find the best balance of #dryanuary and #tryanuary. Here’s a selection of fantastic low ABV beers that I found.

First up – UK Breweries!


The Kernel’s small batch Table Beer uses different hops in every brew but it is consistently delicious. It varies in strength also but this batch is a nice 3.1% ABV. This edition uses Centennial, Citra and Mosaic hops for an easy drinking, refreshing, citrussy pale ale ideal to have with a meal.

Cloudwater is famous for its beasty DIPAs but this refreshing grisette is delicious at 3.5%. A lower percentage sister to the tart, spicy, peppery saisons we often see, Sorachi Grisette showcases the delicious and distinctive Japanese Sorachi Ace hops.

Siren’s Half Mast is a “quarter IPA”. In spite of only being 2.5% this super hoppy pale ale has plenty of tropical fruit flavours. This brew is perfect if you fancy big flavours that some in small packages.

Cheeky Belgians!


Not all Belgian beers blow your brains out. These tart fruity lambics from Lindemans are full of flavour and only around 3% ABV. The Kriek is a sour, smooth cherry beer and it’s only 3.5% ABV. The Framboise (raspberry) and Pecheresse (peach) are both only 2.5%.

Aaaand everywhere else…


From the rest of the world we’ve got beers from Dugges in Sweden plus Brooklyn and Jester King in the US.

Dugges Organic Andrén was originally called Fire Chief Andrén’s Thirst Quencher and was brewed at a low ABV so that it could be sold in Swedish grocery stores. The American hops used to make the brew give it a floral, fruity and bitter flavour.

Brooklyn ½ Ale, like Cloudwater’s Sorachi Grisette, is a lower ABV saison inspired by the beers farmhands and labourers would drink. With a variety of hops from around the world this brew is a clean and balanced saison big on hops and low on alcohol.

Finally something special from Texan brewery, Jester King. Inspired by a traditional English mild, the Commercial Suicide Farmhouse Mild is fermented in oak foudres with yeasts and bacteria local to the brewery for a tart and unusual finish.


One comment

  1. Wow. Suicide and mild are two words you rarely see in the same sentence (though they rhyme, I suppose). I once tried Half Mast against a 3 Blind Mice beer (I think it was Table Liquor) which was 2.8 abv. Half Mast had the fuller body though. Did you ever have Tiny Atom by Fullers? It was around the same abv but I never came across it. I saw a vlogger (Terry Kaye – BeerGogglesReviews) review it.


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