What We’re Drinking

After a vast array of mulled beverages this week thanks to both the Lincoln Christmas Market and the Birmingham Frankfurt Market (two kinds of mulled mead, several mulled ciders, a punch containing god-knows-what and half a dozen variants on mulled wine… my personal recipe of course being my favourite) I’ve had the urge to wake up my taste buds from their mulled relaxation with some of the sour beers I’ve got tucked away at home as well as some new ones from the shop

Brewdog / Omnipollo Flat-Pack Fruit Bat

Raspberry Smoothie IPA (currently available from The Crafty Bottle)

First up was a beer I wasn’t expecting so much tartness from. Nothing much from Brewdog excites me any more, Neon Overlord was a lot of fun but it frankly left my tastebuds down for the count for several days. However when pictures of the luscious pink Fruit Bat from Brewdog and Omnipollo kept grabbing my attention I was just too intrigued not to try it. Admittedly I was expecting standard Brewdog Bitterness™ with a dash of raspberry. What I got? Raspberry smoothie, nothing more, nothing less. Tart sweetness from the raspberries was delightfully refreshing, with the creaminess from the lactose coming out later. A dangerously easy beer to drink, especially at 6%. I’m not sure exactly what made it an IPA but it was delicious nonetheless.

Beavertown / Heretic Peacherman

Peach cobbler wit with vanilla pods, lemon zest and peach juice (from my beer shelf of doom)

One of the selection I grabbed on the least sober end of Indy Man Beer Con this year from the Beer Merchants stall. Apologies for the giggly, child in a sweet shop vibe I doubtlessly annoyed them with. Did NOT taste 6.4%. Honestly, what is with this dangerously drinkable trickster sours? I could easily drink this beaut all night, the fresh, tart fruitiness was smoothed out by the vanilla and it went down a treat. Though I’m sure it would sneak up on me after a few pints.The trouble with these random collabs is that I’ve love to try it again and obviously that’s not going to happen.

Buxton / Lervig Trolltunga

Gooseberry Sour IPA (currently available from The Crafty Bottle)

Didn’t realise these were all collaborations, but hey, teamwork is fun, right? Sometimes I worry that Lervig are crawling around my brain. They already have my favourite style of beer with my actual name and a label involving a mermaid giving the finger (A* marketing) and now a gooseberry sour IPA? Heaven! I was expecting this to be fantastic and it still surprised me. A lot more sour than I was expecting (all the better) without entirely relinquishing the hoppy vibe of an IPA. The juiciness of this beer was astonishing, like biting into a giant gooseberry.


Magic Rock Salty Kiss

Gooseberry Gose (Available from The Crafty Bottle and Akedo)

This is one of the few beers that I regularly go back to, mainly because I can grab a can from work and it’s always in the fridges at the gaming bar I frequent. Refreshing and delightfully subtle in its sourness, saltiness and of course, its gooseberriness. I’d recommend this to anyone who fancies something a bit difference, its a great introduction to sour beers and gose.

Chorlton Citra Brett Pale

Wild fermented citra pale ale (One of my beer stash)

I rather adore Chorlton’s lactic sours because I love the ridiculous twang you get from them and the hop flavour is always so distinct but there’s definitely something delightfully warming about brettanomyces brews. This one has that the lovely dry funk of a brett beer but the aroma is all lime and grapefruit and it gives the entire beer a lighter, tangier flavour. However much the Citra and Waimea add to it however, their flavour seems rather blunted by the brett.


Beer of the week?

It had to be Buxton and Lervig’s Trolltunga. Juicy goodness and it really surprised me with quite how sour it was. Well then, readers? What were your beers of the last week (or so)? I’d love to hear about them.


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