9 Lincoln Pubs You Need To Drink In If You Want To Be The Very Best (Like No-one Ever Was)

Pokémon GO released officially in the UK on Thursday but already Lincoln trainers were hard at work catching Pokémon on Lincoln’s streets. When the game launched in the US, Australia and New Zealand last week Pokéfans across the work were quick to find a workaround to download it.

The game, which is now available for both Android and iOS in the UK, allows players to become real life Pokémon Trainers. Walking around your hometown allows you to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs and train at  Pokémon Gyms just like in the iconic Nintendo game many of us grew up with.

This latest craze had got a whole generation off their sofas, exploring their hometowns and socialising with each other but it’s also a chance to spend time in your local and play the most modern of pub games.

Here’s some of the best pubs in Lincoln’s city centre for Pokémon GO!

1. Lincoln Taphouse & Kitchen, St Pauls Lane Reach two PokéStops from this bar whilst drinking craft beer on the terrace which overlooks the castle and cathedral. Definitely the best PokéPub for trainers visiting the city. And it’s just a quick walk to Lincoln Cathedral to battle the mighty Pokémon within.

Trainer Charley at the Lincoln Taphouse & Kitchen often places lures so check out the great beers and catch some Pokemon whilst you’re there.

2. Tap & Spile, Hungate You may have spotted that those convenient map vending machines are all PokéStops. There’s one opposite the Tap & Spile so if you want maps, Poké Balls, real ale and good music then the Tap & Spile has to be your pub of choice.

3. The Strait and Narrow, The Strait One for cocktail lovers. The Strait itself is a PokéStop so stick a lure on, grab a daquiri and catch some Drowzees.

Dr. Porridge caught this Krabby whilst on his adventures in the Strait and Narrow.

4. The Cardinal’s Hat, High Street If beer and Bulbasaur is more your style than cocktails and Clefairy then head down from the Strait and Narrow to The Cardinal’s Hat. Plenty of PokéStops are within reach for your Poké Ball needs and they’ve always got some great real ale and craft beer on sale.

5. The Ritz Wetherspoons, High Street The one pub in Lincoln lucky enough to be an actual Pokémon Gym. Drink real ale, order yourself a burger and get training!

6. The Square Sail and Royal William IV, Brayford Wharf The Brayford Waterfront is jam-packed with PokéStops and Lincoln trainers are always placing Lure Modules. The Waterfront is certainly the best spot to meet other trainers and compare your collections.

A common site on the Brayford Waterfront. Plenty of Pokemon Trainers can be found throughout the day and well into the evening.

7. The Horse and Groom, Carholme Road This historic pub (that’s exactly what the PokéStop description says… what about the others? More PokéPubs please Niantic!) is the PokéStop with the best beer garden. Catch some rays and some Magikarps too.

8. Brew Haus, Silver Street Selling international beers and pizza Brew Haus sounds like a proper evening out if you ALSO want to make the most of the PokéStop on the site. UPDATE: 19/2/17 Brew Haus is now a Brazilian restaurant called Tiago so… a tad less pub-y. But there’s always the Jolly Brewer across Broadgate!

9. Tower Bar, University of Lincoln Campus Perfect for students, there’s plenty of PokéStops near the SU bar. Though it’s closed for the summer at the moment The Swan (aka The Shed) is actually very close to the Brayford Marina Pokémon Gym.

Other pubs and cafés with PokéStops include Walkabout, Madame Waffle, The Witch & Wardrobe, Coffee Aroma and The Wig and Mitre. Find any others? Let us know and we can spread the word. Share your PokéPub pictures with us at @lincolnpubgeek on Twitter or /PubGeekUK on Facebook.

Happy training!


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