Brewdog setting its sights on Lincoln?

Brewdog have mentioned Lincoln in a recent blog about potential sites for new bars. They’ve taken their time, but the Scottish beer monster has finally noticed my favourite little city. Don’t get too excited: it’s only on the “possibly” list. 

In a blog posted yesterday Brewdog revealed their plans for the next couple of years. From a second bar in Aberdeen to new bars in York, Cambridge and Berlin amongst other cities. They’re also planning on extending opening times and focusing more on coffee, food, beer schools and takeaway beer. The craft leviathan has it’s faults but I’ve always loved Brewdog’s bars for their varied atmospheres, fabulous guest beers and frankly… Libertine Black and Hardcore IPA are pretty special on tap. 

Lincoln was on a list of cities that Brewdog are looking at for the future alongside Hull, Derby, a second in Birmingham (???) and others around the UK and the rest of the world. Do you think Brewdog will fit in with Lincoln’s growing beer scene?


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