BeachxCamden Art Show at Camden Town Brewery

During London’s Beer City, Camden chipped in with an interactive art show at the brewery tap. They got together with “creative laboratory” Beach London to host a craft craft evening.

Attendees bought themselves a special edition bottle of Hells at the bar and then headed through into the bottling room to get transported back to primary school for the evening. Accept this time with pints of IHL rather than a carton of milk. We grabbed our own blank Hells bottles and went to town with some Sharpies. Being the artist there Amy got stuck in with a “Beach” themed illustration. I however attempted to condense my twitter feed into some catchy phrases. 

It was delightful to see so many people hunched over their bottles concentrating. With IHL, Unfiltered Hells and a considerable amount of fresh wood fired pizza (beetroot and feta!) it was a great, chilled out evening.

Beer labels are a big part of how we perceive beer so it’s good to see an event during London Beer City dedicated to the art. 


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