Piccadilly Beer Mile opens for business

Outside of Lincoln? On a Saturday? Me? Unheard of! One of the many reasons why this is thoroughly annoying is the existence of the Bermondsey Beer Mile. My visits to London are generally beery, panicky and awfully fun. Sadly there’s not much time whilst I’m down there to venture to this beautiful mile of micro breweries.

Now, to add insult to injury, Manchester has joined in the fun. Track Brewing Company, Alphabet Brewing Company, Cave Direct, Chorlton Brewing Company, and Squawk Brewing Company are all going to be welcoming the public on Saturday afternoons from 25th July.


Having been involved in the genesis of the Bermondsey Beer Mile in London, I’ve always seen the potential of a similar thing happening in Manchester” says Mike Marcus of Chorlton Brewing Co. “I’m really excited to be part something that will become increasingly vibrant as other food and drink producers start taking part.

The brewers will be on hand to take guests through the brewing process and hand out some brewery-fresh goodness. Cave Direct, specialist beer importers and distributors, will also be showing off their range. They’ve even been kind enough to provide us with a Google Map and walking/stumbling route.

Now, time to plan a trip over to Manchester.


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