How do you like them apples?

Good news for cider drinkers? Or a meaningless change? CAMRA members vote for a change in definition of real cider to include fruit ciders. Don’t worry, that’s not going to include the likes of Rekorderlig or Kopparberg.

1,200 CAMRA members attended the AGM earlier this month and voted on various issues for the campaign including the real cider definition and some rigmarole regarding key-kegs that I assume is already angering old men with pints of best. 

The change in definition of real cider and perry is a simple one. Rather than the previous phrase “no added flavourings to be used”, the definition has changed to allow “pure fruits, vegetables, honey, hops, herbs and spices, yet no concentrates cordials or essences” to be added to the brew. (Someone bring me some honey and cinnamon cider thank you please)

This allows a lot more love for ciders with adjuncts so not every fruit cider gets lumped with those pink monstrosities that taste like 4% abv fizzy squash. CAMRA chief exec Tim Page said “this decision will help our campaign become more relevant to many modern cider and perry drinkers who may not yet have discovered real cider and perry – which have always, and will continue to be, made with entirely natural, traditional ingredients”.


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