Women love beer too: something that made me smile on International Women’s Day

I do love shifts where I get to wax lyrical about beer and feminism. I had one such shift last night when I met two customers who propped up our bar for the evening and we got talking about International Women’s Day.

My favourite thing to do is to recommend beers to new customers though Heidi had the pleasure in this instance. After a chat with the couple to judge their tastes she recommended Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Timmerman’s Peche and they stuck to these tipples all evening. During the night the women said something that really made me smile.

I really wish I liked [Sierra Nevada] but I just don’t. I don’t want to like the fruity beers because they’re the (air quotes) “girly” ones but I can’t help it, they’re just my taste. When I’m out with my female friends I want to shout out that I’m drinking beer even if it’s not a pint of something obviously beery. I try to get them drinking something like this but they take a tiny sip and immediately decided they don’t want it because “It’s beer”. It’s so infuriating!

This really made me smile. She knows what she likes and loves that she drinks beer when it – even now! – is so much marketed as a man’s drink. With her fruity beverage in front of her she wanted everyone to know she was drinking a beer because women love beer too! She also tries to get her friends to try new stuff and I love this. Even if it’s just a quick taste I think it’s great to try something new and different whether you like it or not. Maybe you’ll discover something you love.

So that was the end to my International Women’s Day and it really made me smile.


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