Size doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with it.

I found Pete Brown’s blog post from yesterday rather interesting.

I’m starting to hear rumblings about them that would sound depressingly familiar to Boston Beer Co, Deschutes, Sierra Nevada and others: they’re too big. They’re blander than they used to be. They’re selling out and going mainstream.


Craft beer, whatever you want to call it, has gone mainstream. Now, it’s growing up and maturing, and it already has several generations of brewers. Without the pioneers, the rest wouldn’t be here today. And while today’s newbies push the envelope ever further – which is what they should be doing – the bigger, older breweries are getting better at what they do, building bigger names, and providing a bridge between the mainstream and the cutting edge.

I always find the view of larger craft breweries very strange. When the inevitable discussion of a craft beer definition rears it’s ugly head one immediate “defining” factors tends to be size. Any yet how can one say that breweries like Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn and BrewDog aren’t? BrewDog basically kicked of ye olde craft revolution in the UK so will this happen here?

This is one of the times when I’m glad to be out in the sticks. Yes, we don’t get the crazy beers but people in Lincoln are still getting excited about beer. There’s a balance between the old and news and I think this is great for brewers and drinkers alike.

But yeah. check out Pete Brown’s articles… an interesting read as always.


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