3 sleeps til Real Ale, 5 sleeps til Craft Beer… 1 awesome week

I have been looking forward to this week for months. Last year I emerged dazed, confused and rather drunk from a week in a tent selling awesome cask ale in Nottingham castle during 2013’s Robin Hood Beer and Cider

Festival only to see how excited the craft wanker beer blogging masses had been about Indy Man Beer Con.

I then preceded to read everyone’s round ups, curled up in a ball and whimpered. None of that this year! (Well, maybe some curling and whimpering actually… I am doing two beer festivals in one week after all) I’m heading to Nottingham Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and I’ll be getting my craft on in Manchester with Rowan on Friday. Fuck all the cask/keg nonsense! I am going to get to drink the most amazing variety of fantastic beers this week and I can’t bloody wait! And you know what, I may even have a cider day.

In Nottingham I’ll be serving on bar E in the lower tent, come and say hi. Head on over to Nottingham CAMRA’s website for any ticket information and also the down right ridiculous beer and cider lists.

And in Manchester… well, I’ll be stumbling around happily somewhere. Also grab some tickets and sexy sexy beer lists for Indy Man.


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