I made hop cupcakes!

I need more information! (Also, they look delicious. Good job!)

I have no idea what a recipe for these would be like, but a few years back, I took a beer tasting class at our favorite bar. We got to try 8-9 different beers & learned all about the process of making beer & what goes into making the different styles. Our last beer was a Mikkeller Chipotle Porter & they served it with hop brownies. OH. MAH. GAH!! I wanted to marry the gal who gave us the brownies. SO GOOD!! They said they just took a recipe they found online for pot brownies & substituted hops for pot. (Hops & marijuana are in the same family of plants.) I highly recommend you give it a try. 🙂

Of course! Thanks erinen31!

Hmm, I’m intrigued, because normally eating cake prior to drinking makes the beer taste weird (in my experience). Perhaps it’s the kind of beers I drink!

I used this fantastic recipe. Also, my home-brew buddy made a beer with the same hops so I’ll get to have the two together later this week. 😀

And I definitely love the idea of hop brownies… I’m thinking hop brownies and an Imperial stout! And drunksincerity, you;ll want a sweet, chocolatey or fruity beer. Anything bitter will be odd. Try some kind of dark choccy pudding with a kriek or a chocolate porter. Ooh! or a coffee stout with tiramasu or something creamy.


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