Oh hey there, Freshers.

5 years ago I moved to Lincoln for the first time. This evening I was sat in the Horse & Groom on Carholme Road. I don’t remember exactly what I was drinking but I’ll take an educated guess that it was a Desperados. Damn, I knew how to drink back then.

Photo evidence: can confirm Desperados. D’awwwh, fresher Suzy.

The Groom was the nearest pub to my student flat. Close by was The Vine Inn – now The West End Tap, my place of work and beer haven – but back then it was a piss-stinking, police-attracting, smoothflow-drinking locals bar. Not exactly student friendly. Across the bridge is Lincoln’s student pub, The Shed but gimme a break, I’ve only just moved in. In the midst of the houses is The Queen In The West… which, to be honest, I’ve still never been to. So, the Groom it was.

I wonder if I’d have been sat in the West Tap if it had been around then because a lot of students have been. It’s quite refreshing in fact. The same group of around 5 to 8 students have appeared most days this week. Clearly giddy with loan goodness, they’ve been asking for recommendations and they’re all willing to try something new. As with most of our student regulars Kwak is a favourite (yeah, we’ve got that bad boy on draught).

This group of students have been drinking Belgium ales, lambics, American IPAs, black IPAs, porter, traditional cider and more. And there was I in 2009 with a bottle of Desperadoes. Around then there wasn’t nearly as much interesting beer in Lincoln. Neither the West End Tap or the Strait & Narrow existed so the real ales were going it alone and no-one was offering me a taster. It’s wonderful to think that in such a short time young people are getting such an improved offering of beers.

Although I gotta say, my bottles of Budweiser, Desperados and Fosters Gold didn’t dim the awesomeness of my Freshers Week. Wait, scratch that, I never stooped to Fosters Gold**.

*don’t worry, in a few weeks I’ll discover Bulleit bourbon and in a year my ale revolution will commence (well, with Bombardier and Tiger but I get there eventually…)

**Does that even exist any more? It always used to fill the fridges at the Groom.


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