Lincoln PSA: You should be at the Dog & Bone today.

Tonight is the last day of the Dog & Bone’s Kennel Fest. With 16 real ales and 6 ciders on offer it’s a pretty good showing for a little pub. Although that little pub is in fact Lincoln CAMRA’s Pub of the Year.

I had chance of pop down to their gorgeous little beer garden on Friday afternoon (before my hectic work weekend began) and managed – somehow! –  to drink three whole beers until I succumbed to the tasty tasty goodness of Titanic’s Plum Porter. Without a doubt my favourite beer of the festival. As well as being a delicious fruity porter (which is somehow still possible to enjoy in this weather) it was kept beautifully in spite of being gravity poured. I generally prefer a nice tight head of my dark brews.

Second to Titantic’s offering was Burton Bridge’s Golden Delicious which definitely felt like an appropriate name. Usually golden brews bore me a tad but this had just the right balance of sharpness and body. It was definitely the quality I usually expect from Burton Bridge.

Please can we get more Burton Bridge beers in Lincoln?

Another brew I enjoyed was Golden Summer by Wold Top Brewry though that’s probably due to that fact my myself to Cascade is like moths to a flame. 

I do rather wish I’d had chance to head to the pub on one of the evenings. They had the amazing Stand In Blues Band on Saturday as well as a BBQ. Today there’ll also be live music from Paul Gibbard and Colin Moss from 3pm which may actually be the best time to go. Music, good beer and the Dog & Bone’s gorgeous beer garden? Surely the perfect chilled Sunday? 

This is what I love about the place. Even with the beer festival there’s still a wonderful relaxed and homely atmosphere.


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