Just Beer closes temporarily due to cooler failure (updated)

UPDATED: 9.30am 26/7

Newark micropub, Just Beer has had to close it’s doors to the thirsty public after recent weather put too much strain on their coolers. In a message on it’s Facebook page they said they had no option but to close.

It’s a unfortunate move for the micropub but it does indeed show how much care the pub puts into keeping their beer. Last summer the coolers packed up in the Wetherspoons where I worked. No draught lager, no cask ale and in the end, not many customers either.

It shows great integrity that Just Beer would rather close than sell an inferior experience, although with the Lincoln CAMRA Newark Invasion set for tomorrow it’s very bad timing for beer lovers of the area.


What do you think? Should they have stayed open (maybe employing techniques used at beer festival for cooling barrels)? Or are they right to take to time to get up and running properly?


If all goes well the Just Beer team intend to be open again on Tuesday of next week. In a statement on their Facebook page they said by doing the job “properly” they “shouldn’t get caught out by a prolonged spell of hot weather again”.


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