1 in 1 Lincolnshire newspapers binge-write rubbish

Binge binge binge, more irritating that “twerk” “yolo” and slow people walking in front of you. More infuriating than when it rains and your washing’s still out, more irritating that that advert that always plays in your favourite show – you know the one – and more distressing than an attractive gas man coming to check your meter when you’re still in your pyjamas with your hair sticking out in an uncouth direction and you can’t even find the gas meter and it looks like you don’t know where anything is in your house (It’s been a long morning, okay?).

Back to binging. It largely meaningless, it’s used far too often by news agencies as a scientific term and, according to an armada of squiggly red lines on my computer, it’s not a real word.

This week my delightful (¬¬) local paper sent out this wonderful article.

1 in 4 Lincolnshire residents binge-drink, figures show

Make sure to read the comments (no response from the Echo, of course). Nice one, Aaron.

This wonderfully skilled piece of journalism is illustrated, of course, with this TERRIFYING photo of a pint of real ale in the “binge" drinker’s favourite: the dimpled pint glass.


Have a scaremongering snippet:

Almost one in four adults in Lincoln are binge-drinkers, new figures show.

More than 150,000 people in Lincolnshire are hooked on booze or drugs, according to data in Lincolnshire’s Alcohol and Drugs Strategy.

And a total of 18.5 per cent of adults regularly binge drink across the county – while the figure for Lincoln is 24 per cent, four per cent higher than the regional average.

At no point in the article do they offer a definition of what "binge drinking” actually is. Drinking every day? A couple of drinks a week? Once a tramp bumped into me and I smelt Crème de Menthe on his breath? 


After much waxing lyrical about the “misuse of alcohol” (I once cleaned a cut with cheap vodka… does that count as misuse?) the article quickly turns to the issue of legal highs and various other narcotics… a completely different kettle of drunken fish.

Yes, there could be a countrywide drink problem but this is not evidence of that. This is a local newspaper fishmongering… I mean, fearmongering… to get clicks.

“1 in 4 Lincolnshire residents drink at least 2 drinks each night” is a news story. "1 in 4 Lincolnshire residents drink an unknown amount that we don’t approve" isn’t.


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