Brewmeister spike their beers with pure alcohol and lie… a lot

“If it falls short, we can correct this with pure alcohol.”

Lewis Shand “Spin Doctor and MD” ¬¬ of Brewmeister.

Well done, Lewis. Quite the spin doctor, you are. Amidst lab tests and controversy you’ve added another string to your despicable bow.

Lab tests courtesy of The Beer Cast show “65%” Armageddon to have an ABV of 22.86% which backs up a Swedish test from February 2013 that placed the beer under 25%. Brewmeister admit that their tests of the fourth and fifth batches tested at 15.25%. And where is this product recall notice? Did they not think to double check their before before snatching £60 from their customers?

What really unsettles me however, is the addition of “pure alcohol” to their below par Snake Venom to get it up to the correct ABV. Beer not strong enough? Just chuck in some ethanol, that’ll sort it. Clearly they care about flavour and ingredients…


“Only 4 ingredients” …and sometimes pure alcohol if we cock it up.

“No chemicals” …These chemicals we’re using aren’t chemicals, right?

“100% Scottish Spring Water” …Is tap water okay?

“Our beers are naturally carbonated” …Quick, Lewis! Get the SodaStream!

And I think we can all question the awesomeness of the taste of something topped up with pure alcohol.


From Richard Taylor:

The thing about tipping raw spirit into a beer is that it immediately affects the amount of duty payable. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs clearly state this; “…If you mix beer with spirits that produces a recognisable increase in the alcoholic strength, even if the majority of the final product is beer, you will have to pay duty on the final product at the Spirits Duty rate.” And later; “If you mix spirits with anything apart from water, you must have a compounder’s licence.

The team at Brewmeister could apply for these licenses (if they don’t possess them already), pay spirit duty, and amend the labelling for Snake Venom – and all would be fine.

Although we can obviously question Snake Venom’s claimed 67.5% ABV. Read in more details over at The Beer Cast. This stuff is important. We have a wonderful brewing industry in this country and breweries like Brewmeister are a disgrace.

Quick, someone release a low alcohol beer called Armageddon.


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