Lincoln Beer Festival 2014

Yet another good year at the Lincoln Beer Festival. I think the rain may have put people off initially but hey… we’re British… we’ll go through hell and high water for a good pint.

Though I really didn’t like the logo initially, the Big Shiny Face looked really good on the glasses. And even better? The glasses looked great with beer inside them.


So, great glasses, great atmosphere… to the beer!

Myself and John popped between the main bar and the bottle bar and found some great gems. Especially after trying a beer from the main bar that I deemed “vomit-y” and sharing a bottle of Liefmans Cuvée Brut which was… well… *guttural noises*

A couple of highlights from the main bar were Tigertops’ Black Hop (it’s always fun introducing someone to the weirdness that is a Black IPA – John: “I’m confused! I like it but I don’t but I can’t stop drinking it!”) and my favourite: the Hardknott Lux Borealis.

Sharp and hoppy but with gorgeous orange fruitiness, I need this again.

So two 20-somethings, one umbrella, three thunderstorms, two hog roasts, 13 beers and one comment of “this tastes a bit… vomit-y”. All in all an awesome festival experience.

Cheers, Lincoln CAMRA!


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