Half Pint Tour: Newark

Stop it Newark. It’s getting rather annoying now. I mean, I know you’re not far away and I’m all up inside you all the time but it’s getting embarrassing now.

Stop being better at beer than Lincoln.

In Lincoln you’re never too far from a pub. A good pub, however? A different matter. I’m happy to be working in a gorgeous little pub full of fantastic beers (keg, cask and bottle alike), The West End Tap. There’s also the fantastic Strait and Narrow, a beer and cocktail bar on the Strait at the bottom of Steep Hill. For real ales we’re doing really well. At the top of the hill you’ve got The Struggler’s Arms, The Victoria and a few others. Downhill, there’s The Dog and Bone, The Treaty of Commerce and The Golden Eagle. There’s also a considerable amount of bland, questionable pubs and bars with a lot of bland and questionable beer.

What we don’t have is a “craft” pub or bar (I don’t like the word but it still exists.) or a shop with a good selection of bottled beers. Morrisons and Tesco both have okay selections but they seldom change. Newark’s doing amazingly with craft beer abound as well as some really amazing real ale pubs. I’m very jealous…

The Real Ale Store

The store has has a gorgeous selection as well as online delivery but I prefer to pop in, as quite wonderfully, one of my best friends lives in one of the flats above it. I am so utterly jealous. I hate him. What a bastard.

Just Beer

You’ve probably heard of Newark’s own micropub. Notably because I talked about it last summer. It’s all about great beer, great food and a great atmosphere. They get some really fantastic beers in from all around the country not just from the surrounding counties such as some of Lincoln’s pubs often do.

The Prince Rupert

The Rupert is a gorgeous pub. One of those poncy foody pubs but still rather nice. A gorgeous selection of beers including Anchor on draught  and a cute beer garden makes up for that. Also the fact that the smell of something someone ordered last time we were there turned all four of our heads and made me slightly aroused.

The Flying Circus

A big handful of “craft” lines, handpulls and bottles including Flying Dog, Magic Rock, Camden, Oakham and Theakston. I went in for the first time yesterday and was rather annoyed with myself for not having been in previously. That is, until I found out that it had only been open for 5 weeks. A cheeky third of Raging Bitch IPA, thankyouverymuch.

The Barge

It’s a freaking boat. A boat. You drink beer, and eat tasty pizza, and drink more beer, on the lower deck of a boat. I loved this place as soon as I stepped on. They have a few nice local beers and everything is made of quirky goodness.

The Organ Grinder

Blue Monkey now have a gorgeous little pub in Newark. I popped in yesterday and it’s really nice. Chilled out, really nicely renovated and the courtyard is a blinding shade of orange. BLINDING.

I had some BG Sips. Because, well, it was called BG Sips. Does one need another reason?

And the best part? These are all about 5 minutes or so from each other. In Lincoln a pub crawl is something of a trek, often involving the dreaded Steep Hill. In Newark you can hop from one to another with only a small risk of falling in the Trent.


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