Beery Days: Craft Beer, Comrades, Cured Ham and Cards Against Humanity

Yesterday may have been a template for the perfect Saturday. After repairing a hangover from an accidental night at Cubes with a brutal fry up I headed to my current favourite pub in Lincoln: The West End Tap on Newland Street West.

Not only that but I was with some of my favourite people; Jamie, Kirsty and later, John (Rekorderlig, Timmermans and Punk IPA, respectively), and doing one of my favourite things; playing nerdy card games!


I was spoilt for choice for beers, from some great cask ales, including Oakham Citra and White Squall from Newby Wyke to Thornbridge’s Chiron (yum!) and a new addition to the bar, the one and only Punk IPA. I was a very happy bunny.

Chiron was my favourite brew of the day. Gorgeous, really easy to drink and to be fair I am loving my American style pale ales at the moment, It must be this improving weather (she says under a waning smog cloud). We even decimated their amazing snack selection from Salty Dog and Serious Pig. The Snackingham (not a town in Hampshire) was my favourite, great and rich with the lovely light beers I was slurping. // I also have a very proud beer geek moment. As a personal challenge to myself I have been trying to find the perfect beer style for each of my non-beery friends. Kaz loves sweet, moreish and often honey, biscuity or fruity ales, Jamie always wants something hopped to shit, John goes for very refreshing beers and Nik likes stouts and porters. Kirsty, however, has been a sticking point. I’ve had her drinking the fruitiest, loveliest beers and still to no avail. I did however have a flash of inspiration in the Tap and I had her drinking Timmermans. Of course! She generally drinks fruity cocktails, wine and cider and the strawberry Lambic was perfect. Genuinely so proud of this. You don’t hate beer, Kirsty! We even had a ceremonial first belfie (because we’d had a few drinks at this point). // At various points in the day we had people observing our game of Cards Against Humanity. It’s just a dastardly hilarious game and we frequently burst into laughter. Various people came up to chat to us and we even adopted a barmaid for a bit because quite clearly our game was better than working. I think it might be my new favourite pub game (even though I still love a good old game of Munchkin or my newest game: Gloom [of which I am the unopposed champion]).

So that was my amazing Saturday… all the wonderful things of pub life; friends, strangers, good beer, good food. Bloody fantastic day.


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