Top 5 Things We Wish Were April Fools Jokes

Every year we get a whole host of brilliant and bizarre April Fools jokes. The definition is a bit lax now but we’ll still always get some amusing new products, innovations and always, something majestic from Google.

5. Mmmm… Zesty!

When this beer came on the pump at my old work I thought there was something wrong with the line. It’s 2.8% with a “hint of citrus” and therefore tastes like a watery shandy. Yum! They even brought out a “hint of ginger” for when you fancy a watery shandy in winter.

4. This one would be in bad taste even if it was a joke…

Remember back in January when this charming pumpclip breached the public consciousness? Stay classy, JJ’s Cider… or you know, become classy.

And let’s take a moment to note that this cider is still called this…

3. Brew….meister?

Marketing faux pas of the year, Brewmeister’s rather familiar looking rebrand.

Not to mention this stunning press release…


2. Carling… again.

This is honestly the worst alcoholic drink that I’ve even put past my lips. Carling itself is a standard mainstream lager, but in a beer garden on a hot summer day I wouldn’t say no. I’d down a line of Jägerbombs to avoid this “cider” however.

I bought it because it was on offer and Stella Cidre (do not get me started on that name) is okay. It tastes like someone put corner shop vodka in some own brand appleade. 

I’m still offended and would rather like my £1.25 back, Spar.

1. Let There Be Tim

And finally, taking the top spot, is the delightful campaign we lot to hate but we’d still love a lot more if it went away… Let There Be Beer. An April’s Fool joke that’s lasted far too long and didn’t even start in April. Now… over to Tim…


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