Introducing Cathedral Heights Brewery…

Not really at the heights in the Cathedral quarter out in Bracebridge Heath but still a delightful brewery growing in Lincoln. I only discovered them by chance as I somehow missed their beer for a long time until the Christmas market last year. They’ve got a great presence on Facebook but as I don’t particular like to follow Facebook pages I hadn’t noticed them. I only just “liked” my own work on Facebook. Get me and my social media presence. I’ve also managed to completely miss them in any pubs which I find a bit unsettling.

They made news in the Echo a while back when Steve launched the brewery with his very own wedding day beer. He set up a micro-brewery in his kitchen to first create the Just Married IPA. Definitely an awesome origin story for the small brewery.

I did, however, crack open my bottle of Castle Dungeon Oyster Stout the other day. It was dry, tart and smokey. A lovely stout (I always tend to prefer the less sweet stouts- Marry Me, Mud City) with a heavy flavour and gorgeous mouthfeel. It thinly and heavily coats your tongue, absolutely gorgeous. I preferred it when I sampled in on cask at the market and it looks a tad more opaque from the bottle than I feel it strictly should have been.

My bottle of their Just Married IPA (which I’d tried at the market also – beautiful) exploded out of the bottle on Christmas day which made me very sad indeed. Well, as sad as I could have been when one starts a day with Jack Daniels and waffles with bacon (I haven’t had breakfast yet, can you tell?).

I really think it’s a brewery with great potential and I’m also glad that it’s not out in the depths of Lincolnshire. I just hope they can start to yell at me when they’re beers are available in Lincoln’s pubs. I want to go back to my initial cask impression and ignore my less than fantastic bottle experience. Sorry, living room carpet.

tl;dr Gorgeous stout, unhappy bottle, great little brewery.


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