This Beer Is Not For Gays

Hello, My Name Is Vladmir is a 8.2% imperial IPA made with limonik berries (that’s a Russian berry if you weren’t aware… I wasn’t) by BrewDog.


It’s refreshing, tart and has a slight pinkish/reddish hue. It’s also possibly the first ever protest beer with 50% of its profits going to “charitable organisations that support like minded individuals wishing to express themselves freely without prejudice”. Scotland is just LOVING the gays this week.


As ever BrewDog, everyone’s favourite antagonist brewery, have made a simply outstanding marketing move. And what are they selling? A beer that is very much #NotForGays.


The satirical move is a good one because it brings out an issues that in spite of it’s severity has been horribly ignored. The Sochi Winter Olympics are going to be compared to the Berlin Olympics of 1936 in years to come and that doesn’t stop the actions of Putin’s government now in Russia from being utterly disgusting. They’re encouraging abusers and sociopaths to literally hunt innocent people.


So, good on BrewDog. Make protest beers, make obnoxious media statements, make fucking protest cupcakes if you fucking want to, this is a message that needs to be shouted from rooftops. Even though it’s a basic fundamental principle as simple as equality. Why does this even need saying?

Lesson One: Don’t be a sociopath.
Lesson Two: If you’re going to discourage homosexuality, don’t ride topless on horses in a really homoerotic fashion.
Lesson Three: Seriously, don’t be a sociopath.
Lesson Four: Drink good beer.


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