TWO MORE SLEEPS: Mulled… beer?

I’ve made mulled wine during the winter since my old boss gave me this fantastic recipe. It’s cheap, easy and damn delicious. The same goes for mulled cider which is so fun to tweak with different spices and rum, whisky or brandy. Both are fantastic winter warmers and great for showing off and pretending you’re capable in the kitchen.

But there’s something else we’re missing. A mystery in the world of Christmas food and drink. A legend that is never spoken of and seldom found.

Yes, I’m talking about mulled beer.

I found this video from the fantastic Beer Genie a while back and excluding a couple of other wildly varying recipes so I chucked together my own. Along with a bottle of Adnam’s Broadside I stuck a sliced up orange, cloves, brown sugar, a cinnamon stick, honey and some all spice in a pan and warmed it over a low heat.




The verdict? Um. Not a godly concoction like mulled cider and wine but the flavour’s nice. It’s heavy and rather strong tasting though the heating leaves a bitter taste on the tip of your tongue. I’d guess that the recipe takes a lot more refining than cider and wine. I think if I try doing it again I’ll use a much plainer tasting beer so it wasn’t such a huge about of flavours fighting for attention.

Also it smells fucking amazing.


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