THREE MORE SLEEPS: Suzy’s Christmas Countdown

My ridiculously busy month is nearly over and I had the wonderful chance for a day off today. Myself and my friend Kirsty went Christmas food shopping (ARGH!) although this did largely consist of purchasing booze and cheese.

Also beer cheese, which is a wonderful combination of both.


I ended up being rather creative today making both a gorgeous Adnam’s Broadside beef stew and Christmas Pudding ice cream which I got from Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas.


I even fried up the apples that had been floating in the mulled cider for the past hour.

// would Christmas be without a mulled beverage? I knocked up a tasty batch of mulled cider as I made mulled wine earlier in the year.


Not the prettiest looking beverage in the world but damn, it’s delicious. For these I used Thatcher’s Katy which is one of my favourite bottled ciders. It’s so easy to drink even though it’s 7.4% and it worked really well warm because it still had a distinct tartness. I’d also usually stick in some spiced rum however what I thought was Bacardi Oakheart in my hipflask was in fact Jack Daniels. Rum Problems.


So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow when I’ll be trying something both new and slightly unsettling.

Dun dun durrrrr…


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