Nottingham Town with Fownes

Last week I had the privilege of spending my days in a freezing cold tent whilst the rain and wind battered the sides. Sounds awful? Nope! I got to work in a freaking castle for a week! A castle! There’s something really cool about walking through the side entrance of a castle every morning to start a shift.

It was also pretty amazing to walk past this queue that wound all the way down the street.


It’s such a fantastic experience to work at a massive festival like this. You’re part of a team that despite being made up of volunteers is as professional and damn impressive as any paid workers; Just like when I worked at London 2012.

It’s always great to work with the gents from Fownes Brewing. Having beer that’s that damn good makes it damn easy and fun to sell. However the thing I loved most about my week in the castle was being able to practice my recommendations. Ask people a couple of questions and you can quickly find a beer to their tastes. By the end of the week I knew the beers in my section (not just Fownes) like the back of my hand. It was really satisfying to hand over a taster and see their eyes light up telling me I’d chosen correctly.

It’s a shame I don’t get to use this magic at work. “Do you like hoppy beers? Well, I think some of these have hops in… maybe they’ve been near hops… they were in the same room as a hop once… when brewed there was a photograph of a hop in the same building…”

It was an amazing week and a hell of a lot of fun working with the Fownes crew. Here’s some snaps I managed to grab in spite of my dying phone.


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