Well as some of you know it’s been a bit of a crazy day down at the old brewhouse. Thank you for your support! 

As you may have imagined we are getting requests for our beer from all over the country. As a small brewer, we do try our best to get our beer to you, wherever you are in the UK and we can be found all around the UK in fact at the best in craft and microbrew specialty pubs (unfortunately we’re only available in kegs at the moment) ! From London to Edinburgh and of course our little home that is Alpha Papa home base in Norwich! If you are interested in our Brews or want to see them in your local email us at and Mike will do the best to see that you end up with a cold pint soon!

Also as a local brewery we’d be amiss to not mention we’re doing a charity fundraiser next month for SISTEMA on September 8th at the brewery. We’re partnering up with some local heroes and throwing a wee shindig with some live music and a pop-up BBQ smokehouse! So we’ll see all you Norwich types there and beyond, come support a great local charity and have some delicious brews and BBQ.

To get involved or support SISTEMA with us



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