Red Bullies take on Redwell Beer

Global giant and manufacturers of energizing piss flavoured beverages, Red Bull are scared that tiny Norwich brewer, Redwell Beer are threatening their brand image with the use of the word “Red” and “ll” in their name.

After all, I can’t believe the amount of times I mixed up a can of chemicals aimed at teenagers wearing headphones with a pint of craft ale. Only yesterday I accidentally dropped some cough medicine in a pint of ale trying to become popular with the cool kids.


It’s in fact a shame that energy drinks are awful for drowning one’s sorrows. Especially for whoever initiated this Red Bull PR disaster. If they attempt that then I predict a large amount of crying on their kitchen ceiling.

Do Red Bull really think so little of the human race that we’d mix up craft beer with an energy drink? Are millions of people fleeing from their fridges in terror at the sight of cans of Monster? Have pornography enthusiastic been disappointed when drinking some of Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA? Is Wales now quaking in its wellies in fear that Red Bull will lay claim to everywhere using the double L that is utterly synonymous with Red Bull as a brand?

You’re being ridiculous Red Bull. A tiny craft brewery cannot threaten your brand, what can threaten your brand is the idiotic notion that this was a good idea. What you’ve done today is create a PR shitstorm and simultaneously shot Redwell Beer into the limelight.

Now, I’m going to head back to Twitter to continue supporting Redwell Beer with Melissa Cole’s #redbullies hashtag.


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