Left my heart in Tokyo

Yesterday was a classic Sunday.

Step 1: Find a beer garden.
Step 2: Have “a pint”.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: 9 hours later, takeaway, rather drunk.

Classy as well as classic however, as we tried Brewdog’s Tokyo for the first time in Lincoln’s fantastic craft beer bar, The Strait and Narrow. The 18.2% imperial stout describes itself as being inspired by an 80’s arcade game… yeah, I have no idea either.

It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times.


Ale Tokyo
Brewery BrewDog, Aberdeenshire
ABV 18.2%
Style Imperial stout
Description Beautiful, creamy and so so coffeeish. And good lord, the dry hopped goodness! The bitter coffee taste was the first flavour on my tongue but it wasn’t until someone else said “Green & Blacks” that I found the bitter dark chocolate flavour. The strength makes it hard to drink with any speed but it was a beautiful slow drink, the creaminess and the dry hopped taste contrasting fantastically.



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