Fancy a pint? Lincoln Beer Festival 2013

Just a year ago I went to my first ever beer festival in the Lincoln Drill Hall. Still a fledgling beer fan I choose potential beers by the names. I remember trying something called Black Sabbath (it turned out to be a stout) simply out of Black Country pride and in fact began my love affair with dark ales. Just like 2012 this year had a fantastic selection of ales which, considering my recent beer festival outings (namely involving breweries in the Midlands), I recognised few of.

There’s something about Lincoln, possibly it’s huge lot of fantastic pubs but notably the massive number of students, that meant the turnout at the festival was phenomenal. There was a great atmosphere to go with the 100+ ales, ciders and bottled international beers.

Now, to the brews! I had a fair… ahem… few beers at the festival so here’s a few highlights.

Ale Thurstein Pilsner
Brewery Coniston Brewing Co, Cumbria
ABV 4.8%
Style Pilsner
Description I always love a proper lager (especially since discovering Samuel Adams Boston Lager… yum) and this one was really nice. It had a gorgeous sharp taste and was quiet a hefty brew for a pilsner. A big thanks to the passing stranger who gave me the recommendation.
Verdict ★★★☆☆

Ale Dark Side of the Moon
Brewery Spire Brewery, Derbyshire
ABV 4.3%
Style Dark ruby
Description I was blown away by the creaminess of this brew. Delicious, toffee, roasty and a gorgeous tart aftertaste.
Verdict ★★★★☆

Ale 99 Red Baboons
Brewery Blue Monkey Brewery, Ilkeston
ABV 4.25
Style English bitter
Description I’ve got to admit, I chose this for the name. Come on, it’s called 99 Red Baboons!! I loved this beer though, even after the name. It was a nice unusual brew, fruity, malty and pleasantly hoppy.
Verdict ★★★★☆

Ale Isle Pale Ale
Brewery Axholme Brewing Company, Lincolnshire
ABV 4.1%
Style Pale ale
Description I’m loving my IPAs at the moment and this was the first beer I tried but I wasn’t blown away. It was pleasant, light and floral but rather bland.
Verdict ★★☆☆☆


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