The Fancy Ale Revolution: Stems and glory

I’m starting a revolution! Nothing on the scale of the so-called Craft Beer Revolution, or say, the French revolution. Just a mini revolution in the form of a hashtag and requests at parties and pubs that warrant a slightly odd look. I will embrace the odd look and so will those who join me and follow on my legacy.

What I’m talking about is fancy bloody beer. I drink a lot of different ales and craft beers and with the exception of a few bars, I’m looking at you BrewDog, you sexy stem-loving bastards, I’m cursed with an ugly little half pint glass. There’s something classic about a pint glass (tulips or tankards, yep, my glassware pickiness has got me a lot of strange glances) that has a distinct legend and fortitude. But half glasses just make me think of quiet women who’s husbands buy they’re Stella and limes for them whilst they wait, alone, at the table.

At a festival it’s different, you find yourself with a decorated half glass (sometimes even a tankard, oh the luxury!) and no one thinks it strange that you drink in small amounts so you can try all the many varieties. This is why I think more ales should have the option of being served in stemmed glasses (not the ridiculous “chalices”). Everything looks nicer in a stemmed glass, you can appreciate the look of the beer more and it can say a lot for the nuances of ale if you get to appreciate it as such. BrewDog already does this with its variety of glasses and why should this be odd?

Now, I know this sounds awfully pretentious but ale has a reputation for being consumed by fat old men who appear to have some kind of sobriety allergy. Can’t we enjoy the finesse of good beer and young and (relatively) normal people?

And damn it, I like drinking from wine glasses. My mother despairs at me when I use hers for a can of coke. I just want some finery with my ale.


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