Stourbridge CAMRA Festival: Beer and volunteering!

Last night I had to chance to lend a hand at the Stourbridge and Halesowen CAMRA Beer Festival at Stourbridge town hall. The turnout was awesome (approximately 600 people through the door!) and it was so much fun to be working with volunteers again for the first time since London 2012.





Throughout the evening I helped serve from my section of the main bar, which happened to stock Fownes (which apparently I’ve been pronouncing wrong, oops, sorry James!) and Enville (bane of my life at work, our most popular ale and I can’t stand the stuff!) which was great because I knew what I was on about.

Here’s the complete list of beers at the festival and even though I (obviously) didn’t try everything I did try some awesome beers. Before we even opened I had the privilege of trying Sadler’s Ales new Mud City Imperial Stout which was absolutely beautiful. Sweeter and a bit heavier it really didn’t taste like the 9.9% it was. Gorgeous.


After serving for a while I had the chance to be on the judging panel for the porters catergory. It was absolutly fascinating and reminded me how much I love detailed beer tasting. Our outright winner was Blythe Brewery’s Johnson’s with it’s beautiful toffee aroma and bitter aftertaste. We had to have a few extra glasses just to make sure…



At the end of the night I managed to nab some of my current favourite beer, Dark Star’s Carafa Jade which is now happily sat next to the milk in my fridge door. All in all I had a wonderful night at the festival on both sides of the bar and I think it was quite awesome how many people I got to meet in order to put a face to the Twitter handle.


So guys, you’ve got to head down to Stourbridge this weekend to try some of the awesome ales and also grab a copy of Doghouse Magazine which I’m in if you find the latest edition.

Information here!


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