Beer Festival: Easter LocALE Festival at Hog’s Head, Wolverhampton

A lot of beer festivals can be split up into to categories. Ones in fields and ones not in fields. Finally I have found myself working at an awesome pub that is having its very own beer festival during Easter weekend. It’s the type not in a field. We’re not having a field installed in the pub*. 

Something really exciting about our beer festival (other than the fact it’s the first one I get to work out) is the fact that Andy Brough, (of Broughs which brews some gorgeous beers nearby in Netherton) is brewing a one-off special for the festival named, in tribute to the site of the Hog’s Head, The Vine Inn Special. Considering the huge popularity of Andy’s brews already this ale is sure to be a treat. 

Now time for a drum roll. Here’s the 27 ales featuring in the festival over Easter weekend. 

1. EnvilleAle 4.5%
2. Sarah Hughes Ruby Mild 6%
3. Enville White 4.2%
4. Salopian Lemon Dream 4.5%
5. Broughs Vine Inn/Special 4.7%
6. Mortons Irish George 5%
7. Three Tuns Steampunk IPA 6.5%
8. Enville Cherry Blonde 4%
9. Sadler’s Mother Earth 4%
10. Kinver Brewery Brew XI 4%
11. Sarah Hughes Brambling Cross 4.6%
12. Olde Swan Bumblehole 5.2%
13. Slaters Black IPA 5%
14. Kinver May Bug 4.8%
15. Cannon Royall Brewery Dark Edge 3.7%
16. Essington Blonde 4%
17. Shropshire Gold 3.8%
18. Salopian Darwin’s Origin 4.3%
19. Enville Ginger 4.6%
20. Burton Bridge Festival Ale 5.5%
21. Burton Bridge Golden Bone 4.5%
22. Brough’s Blonde 4.6%
23. Kinver Adams Ale 4.5%
24. Three Tuns stout 4.4%
25. Sarah Hughes Sedgley surprise 5%
26. Sarah Hughes Pale Amber 4%
27. Wye Valley HPA 4%

Enville makes regular appearances at the Hog’s Head but personally I’m excited for the Enville Cherry Blonde which isn’t one of our frequent guests. Another few ales to look out for are Salopian Lemon Dream (a gorgeous smooth and light ale), Three Tuns Stout (a proper old fashioned stout) and Essington Blonde, another local treasure.

Personally at the top of my beer tasting agenda (I’m not working on the Friday, oh I love my boss) are the Three Tuns Steampunk IPA (Honestly I just like the pumpclip which I stumbled upon whilst cleaning on Sunday), Slater’s Black IPA and Sadler’s Mother Earth (because I can’t resist some Sadler’s).

We’ll, of course, be offering 10% discount to CAMRA members and there will also be a free buffet throughout the weekend, DJ Charlie on the nights and a live band on Sunday too. It should be an awesome weekend so get your wellies one and get down to a nice warm pub for some amazing local ales this weekend. 

I’ll see you on Thursday night from behind the bar! (Or on Friday, propping up the bar)

*Though my students’ union did have a beach in it.


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