A St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

The Irish are a great nation, aren’t they? I’m sure they’ve had struggles, hard times and have still got the respect of the world and yet we get to St Paddy’s Day and I find myself serving scantily clad girls (in green, obviously) proudly wearing Guinness hats but drinking vodka Redbulls and tequila shots. It wasn’t, however, until someone vomited in the middle of a table and I had to clean it up, that I truly lost faith in the “holiday”. The only recompense was the amount of people trying Guinness who wouldn’t usually but even so that’s entirely down to a rigorous advertising offensive from Guinness from the past however many years.*

As if in response to the shots, and confused punters drinking their first Guinness I found myself with a Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Springtime Ale in hand, chatting to some of the local CAMRA folk (I’m cursed with working during seemingly every meeting) trying to de-stress from a hectic shift. Wye Valley do some gorgeous ales and this particular Dorothy was a great example.

Ale Dorothy Goodbody’s Springtime Ales
Brewery Wye Valley, Herefordshire
ABV 4.0%
Style Golden brown ale
Description “This is a golden brown ale that is both hoppy and refreshing. It is irresistibly moreish, and bursting with fresh flavours.”
Verdict ★★★★☆

After finally escaping work I took refuge in The Posada whilst I waited for my bus. An utterly gorgeous traditional pub and having just undergone a refurb it’s a proper gem in the midst of Wolverhampton. I tried a Celtic Red, a beautiful red ale, moreish and easy to drink whilst chatting to the delightful Portuguese barman (also moreish).

Ale Celtic Red
Brewery Wharfebank Brewery, Yorkshire
ABV 4.0%
Style Red ale
Description “An Irish-style red ale. Similar to a Bitter, but with pronounced malt flavours, and red in colour.”
Verdict ★★★☆☆

By the time I got home, also falling into the New Inn and the Mount Pleasant on the way home for a Single Hop Pacific Gem and a Town Crier respectively I finally felt I’d cleaned myself of the mess that has become of St. Patrick’s Day. Couldn’t celebrations have included proper Irish stout, some good cider and a few whiskeys rather that the tacky, overly green holiday that now exists?

I’ll leave you with this, it made me chuckle this morning.

*I spent the day entirely dressed in green, complete with oversized Guinness tee (Hello, new pyjamas!) and Guinness wristbands. The night before had featured a rather fetching Jameson’s fedora.


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