And so it begins…

There’s something wonderful about the pub and brewing community. Within just a short week of diving head first into this blog I have discovered so many great blogs and a massive pile of ales to try, pubs to visit and beer festivals to attend and possibly even work at.

It’s a strong community that isn’t full of nameless PR drones. Companies that are representing themselves online to an impressive extent with interesting tweets and websites as well as the customers themselves; the blogging community is wonderful and I’ve only dipped my toe so far.

So here’s a few things coming up on pub geek…

  • The Wellington in Birmingham (the best pub in the country according to “that bloke I served today”) is getting a new bar, a terrace in fact, as of April. I will of course be checking that out as already it’s a pub I adore.
  • Baking! I’m going to try out my slightly questionable baking skills using various beers. Ale and cake, how could this NOT be awesome?!
  • Beer Geek Brewery. I’ve been invited (on Twitter… it totally counts) to check out their Aston brewery and I’ll be dammed if I don’t go along to have a look. Though I haven’t sampled their beer yet already I like the growing brand.
  • Easter weekend I’ll be working at my own pub’s locale festival and where we’re hosting about twenty ales as well as two brewers; Andy Brough (utterly lovely chap) and someone from Morton Brewery too.

As well as all this I’m gonna be trying and visiting various ales and pubs and really digging into some of the current issues in the industry. Keep reading and if you want maybe submit your own guest review.


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