Fancy a pint? An Ode to Mud City

Sadler’s Mud City
Streets I will always roam
Mmm… it’s damn tasty. 

Okay, that was more of a haiku than an ode but there’s got to be more than one way to express my love for Sadler’s Ales delicious Mud City Stout. If you hadn’t already gathered, I will always go for stouts, ruby ales and strong ales with ABVs that remind you why you never bothered to learn to drive. So far I have tried many a stout, from Titanic Chocolate & Vanilla Stout (it’s gorgeous, like you’re drinking a cake) to Guinness (I was a little horrified to be honest). Yesterday I got to try some of Bird’s Brewery’s Black Widow Stout when it came on at work, another tasty example.

I first discovered it in the Abraham Derby in Merry Hill, Dudley. The snow was falling outside, the stars were just coming out… it was a very romantic first meeting. Love at first sight, it was smooth and creamy without the overbearing sweetness that some stouts have. The vanilla hint to it is just right and it’s so so thick that you can’t help but clutch your pint like you would a hot chocolate on a winter night.

At 6.6% you’d think the beer would be very heavy going but in fact I could easily find myself drinking a fair few pints over an evening (four and a half until I accidentally fell into a Jack Daniels, if Tuesday night is anything to go by). Also it has a position as one of those beautifully crafted ales that leave nary a whisper of a hangover.

Without doubt this ale has a position in the bar of my dreams, it’s neighbours yet decided upon. So I don’t hesitate to recommend that you try this delicious beverage from the Midlands.

Ale Mud City Stout
Brewery Sadler’s Ales, Stourbridge
Description Brewed with raw cocoa, vanilla pods, flaked oats, wheat and a blend of beautifully dark malts.


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