Propping up the bar: The Mount Pleasant, Wombourne

It’s finally happened. By some strange fluke, Wombourne, village of a thousand “eh… alright” pubs has finally got a good ‘un. Walking out after last orders yesterday evening I’d almost forgotten I was in my little middle class village but no… I’m not dreaming. There’s finally a pub I’d happily wile away many an evening without my purse feeling sickly, getting fed up of crappy booze or wishing the music wasn’t appalling.

I wrote that last year after after discovering, to my shock, that my village suddenly had a rather good pub amidst the variety of average watering holes that I was used to.

A lively, atmospheric bar twinned with great music and a fantastic selection of real ales, proper cider, a variety of spirits and even some nice lagers meant the pub was a roaring success in it’s opening week selling over 6,000 draught pints in just 3 days.

Now the pub has settled down into a steady rhythm with ever changing guest ales and a close relationship with St. Austell Brewery’s Tribute and Hobson’s Town Crier (a personal favourite) always present at the bar.

Some of my friends have some kind of mental disease (that I’m quite sure stems from drinking Fosters) that means they like the Brickbridge (The Waggon and Horses, on the Bridgnorth Road, for you non-Wombles) and so often we’re cursed with going there. A bland, chain pub that, in spite of the various attractive beardy men that work the bar, fails to tickle my fancy. This means The Mount seldom gets our little group huddled in it’s quiet snug though I do often find myself sat at the bar myself with a book or slumped on one of the lovely church-pew-esque benches with my laptop and the sound of a deadline as it whooshes by.

The pub is still as much as a delight and the multiple times I went in the first week it opened. Now however, it’s gained the character that wasn’t there initially. Regulars at the bar with their stories, a great collection of bar staff and consistently fantastic ales on hand pull. The food is also fantastic with a varied evening menu which has on it one of the best pies I’ve had in a pub.

The only gripe I have with the pub is the lack of entertainment at the venue. In the first few weeks (and at New Year as well) they hosted a variety of live music acts and although the music played in the background is really good it saddens me that they don’t make the most of some of the local talent. I’m not saying they need live music every weekend (they’re already always rammed on a Friday and Saturday) but a band on once in a while would be great, especially when there’s no other venues in the village putting on live music.

Midway down Ounsdale Road in Wombourne (both the 255 and 256 between Wolverhampton and Merry Hill/Stourbridge stop about a 5 minute walk away) it’s definitely a great place for lovers of good ale in a great village pub.


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