…Only one other pub has earned the title of “my local” and that was my regular haunt whilst I was at university in the beautiful town of Lincoln and it was quiet different from the bustling village pub where I find myself most weekends. As a group of students we were an obvious, though appreciated, intrusion of the quiet traditional pub hidden amongst lines of terraced houses. Sat at the bar, pint close by, would be our beloved landlord who’s overwhelming air of cynicism was clearly a smoke screen for the deep adoration he felt of the scruffy gaggle of students who’d severely deplete his stock and play pool until the early hours. At least, I hope it was.

For the love of locals.

An extract from my upcoming feature in Doghouse Magazine.

Doghouse magazine is a quarterly magazine that celebrates the British pub. I highly recommend you go out and find a copy of the latest edition especially if you live in the Midlands as it starts in Stourbridge and follows by a 10-mile radius of pubs including Wolverhampton, Dudley, Bewdley, Kidderminster, and Sedgley. You can get the magazine from various stockists including The Great Western in Wolverhampton for those of you in the West Midlands.

Each edition celebrates the traditional pub, alongside a varied collection of articles – intertwining a mix of subjects, such as music, ghosts, famous battles, random facts, net curtains, football and fishing. Doghouse also promotes real ale, real cider, and the pub as a community’s core.


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